Irving Park Chiropractic is proud of the success we have had providing quality care and measurable results for our patients since 2000. Following are just a few of our success stories.

Back Pain

“I’ve had on and off low back pain for years. X-Rays have shown that I have degenerative disc disease. I first came to Dr. Lazarowich because the pain was too bad to tolerate and I was walking crooked and hunched over. My treatment was gentle stretching, and low back manipulations. He also used muscle stimulation and heat to relax my back muscles. Over a couple of weeks this care resulted in my walking straight and the elimination of my pain. Now I can perform my regular daily activities.”

Gerald W.

Back Pain

“I had some pain between my shoulder blades that just sort of came on. After a week or so I decided to have it checked out. Dr. Lazarowich found some stiffness and tight muscles between my shoulder blades and also my hips weren’t level. He explained that my mid-back rests on top of my low back, and that both needed to be corrected. He adjusted my mid and low back, then used some therapies to loosen up the muscles in my upper back. I left the office without the pain I came in with.”

Konstantine K.

Neck Pain

“I was lifting weights at the gym one day and the next morning my neck hurt pretty bad on the right side and I couldn’t turn my neck very much. I went to see Dr. Lazarowich and he discovered muscle spasms in my neck and upper back from overuse. It was a muscle and joint strain. By stretching my neck and back muscles, then adjusting my neck and back, my pain was reduced and my neck could turn more. After two more treatments my neck could turn normally and no longer hurt.”

Mike T.

Sports Injury

“While training for my first Olympic distance triathlon, I developed chronic pain in my upper right back and shoulder which was affecting my ability to swim properly. I visited Irving Park Chiropractic based on a friend’s recommendation. Dr. Lazarowich identified that I had upper cross syndrome and upper back joint restrictions. Additionally, he identified incorrect posture during one of my weight training exercises, which was exacerbating the problem. He suggested a treatment plan that included ultrasound, spinal manipulations and muscle work a few times/week. After a few weeks of therapy, the pain subsided and I successfully completed my first Olympic distance triathlon. I am very thankful for the expertise and professionalism with which Dr. Lazarowich helped me achieve this goal.”

Noelle C.


“I had headaches a couple times per week and migraines every month for years. It was really frustrating. Dr. Lazarowich was able to help me get rid of them without taking any drugs.”

Erica S

Prenatal Back Pain

“During my second pregnancy I was getting bad back pain and sciatica into my butt and leg. It was pretty bad and I was having trouble lifting my two year old. Dr. Lazarowich treated my back and gave my some stretches and exercises to do at home. This helped a lot and made.” me feel much better

-Lori M

Foot Pain

“I had plantar fasciitis come on at the beginning of my training season. With work done on my foot and ultrasound therapy on the plantar fascia my recovery was much quicker. While I had to reduce my running for a couple weeks, my foot recovered to how it was before it was injured.”

-Matt L.